Most popular polyester lashings.

Most popular polyester lashings. Always in stock. Double J hook, claw hook, endless.

We offer a complete range of high quality lashing systems with different type of webbing and ratchet buckle, from 25 up to 100 mm.
Polyester webbings are made of high tenacity polyester of superior quality. That means:
• High tensile strength.
• Superior resiliance and very low elongation (<4% of the lashing capacity, LC).
• High shock absorbtion (they can be retensioned in case of volume loss in packaged goods).
• Excellent UV resistance.
• Water resistance and very little moisture absortion.
• Good resistance against chemicals.

Tensile strength of materials are:
• 3 times the lashing capacity (LC) for polyester webbings.
• 2 times the lashing capacity (LC) for steel components.

All our lashing systems meet norm EN 12195-2 and are certified by safety mark GS.
Items RTD50-250 and RTD50EK-250 meet German Directive VDI 2700.

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