Begni Group offers a complete range of polypropylene dunnage airbags and inflation tools under the COBRA® brand.
The airbags are AAR certified in both standard construction (levels 1-5) and 3D construction. The valve has a high flow rate (Venturi effect) and allows the bag to be inflated quickly. Wide choice of pneumatic and battery-operated inflating tools.

The purpose of a dunnage air bag is to secure the cargo during transportation (in a sea container, in a rail wagon, in a truck). Dunnage airbags are fitted into the gaps between the cargo and then filled with compressed air. Airbags safely secure cargo during transport by preventing movements and absorbing impacts.


Polyester slings, high performance slings, chain slings, steel wire rope slings, Dyneema® protections against the risk of cutting, lifting clamps for steel plates and beams, hoists, megnetic lifers for industrial loads.